Thursday, November 29, 2012

Access to SE/SW Freeway From Sousa Bridge Closed!

After rush hour today (11/29/12) vehicles traveling northbound across the Sousa Bridge in SE will no longer have access to the SE/SW freeway westbound.  If you use this route you know that the ramp on the Sousa Bridge to the freeway has been down to one lane for months, but now the ramp will be closed for a period of up to 20 months.

Here's a visual (courtesy of the Washington Post)

The article accompanying the graphic details the "new" traffic route, however I think city dwellers like myself will find a couple of different ways to navigate this closure.  I plan to increase my commute by 15 mins. and keep straight on Pennsylvania Ave, past capital hill and head to Georgetown (where I work) or I've may use East Capital.  If you normally start your day headed across the Sousa Bridge let me know your new route!

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