Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Let It Snow!

It seems we've made it through December unscathed, however Winter is far from over.  It's time we prepare for snowy weather.

The DC Insider newsletter highlighted the city's Winter Weather Preparedness Plan and website in the last issue.  The website address is  On the site you can find all sorts of helpful information and tips to survive a snow storm in the city.  You can check for school closures, track snow plows that are on the roads and even form a neighborhood shoveling team! 

The website reminds residents to be patient with snow removal however, I think the plow tracker will be a great way to track the progress of snow removal efforts.  Residents are encouraged to call 311 if their neighborhood has not been serviced in a reasonable amount of time.

I hope everyone is ready! After all what's winter without a little snow?!

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